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CATLER trademark is a part of successful manufacturer´s portfolio from its factory several products, awarded for its high style top design, come. The first product left the factory already in 1932. Since that time these Australian appliances have been distributed to more than 30 countries all over the world and since 2008 you can meet with them on the Czech market.


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  • Catler Sokovnik bez/sa Puree diskovima JE 4010 / JE 4011 1200W

    Powerful 1200W motor and quality stainless steel filter basket, with reinforced titan blades and micro netting wall with more than 40 000 tiny pores – these are the basic features which ensure maximum juice yield and preparation of the best quality and the freshness juice, prepared in a few seconds.
    1.700,00 kn

  • Catler Multipraktik FP 8010 2000W

    Food processor Catler FP 8010, thanks to its universal usage, is not only full-blown partner in your kitchen, but also indispensable helper for professional chiefs. Unique design, combination of materials and remarkable accessories will help you to prepare the required food in a second. Julienne cutting, coarse shredding, potatoes for fries, adjustable slicing, fine chopping, coarse chipping, whisking, puree preparation, kneading, simply all what will facilitate and speed up the preparation of your favorite meal.
    3.800,00 kn

  • Catler Mini Multipraktik FP 4010 700W

    Helper that mustn´t miss in any kitchen

    Mini food processor Catler FP 4010 will exactly reflect all your needs thanks to its accessories. Mainly accessory enables you to create the appliance you need within a second. It chops, it kneads, it whisks, it mixes, it prepares purée etc.

    1.420,00 kn

  • Catler Profesionalni mikser KM 8011

    Planetary mixing system

    Mixer head rotates around the inner bowl perimeter, meanwhile an attachment rotates in the opposite direction around its axis. This ensures a superior and thorough mixing results.

    3.600,00 kn


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Catler is coming – appliances without compromise

CATLER is a synonym of connection of the most modern technology and splendid design. Elegant design of all products is supported by a noble simplicity of forms and choice of exclusive materials such as mainly heavy duty die cast materials and stainless steel. CATLER appliances are directly designed for modern kitchen where new trends and technologies are increasingly applying – once programmed these appliances work almost themselves, they are able to communicate with you by using intelligent displays and their operation is very easy. During the development of all products, manufacturer focuses mainly on safety, healthy and quick meal preparation and last but not least on easy maintenance.

Perfect processing of each detail, high-quality materials, stylish design and using the most modern technologies destine the Catler appliances for frequent and long-term use even in the most demanding households. Catler appliances primary appeal to demanding and broadly active consumers who cannot live without healthy and tasty meals and at the same time they consider cooking as a pleasant experience not only for fastidious tongue, but also for other senses.

Welcome to the world of Catler appliances, appliances without compromise!

The best product for us is the one that will please you every day.