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  • iOzone+ Multipurpose Purifier MF108

    Magic Factory iOzone+ multipurpose purifier
    (ozonator + ionizator + UV sterilizator + HEPA and Nano-Catalyst air filters)

    sterilization / disinfection / ionization / cleaning / deodorizing

    • removing pesticides, bacteria, viruses, chlorine, fluorine from the water and fruits and vegetables submerged in water

    • revival of food before storing in the refrigerator or use in the kitchen

    • disinfection of toys and accessories

    • sterilization of lab equipment

    • maintenance of skin care, athlete's foot and face

    • maintenance mini aquarium, basement, toilet, closet


  • LOHAS LIFEENERGY super blender 1500W

    • BEST BUY blender

      proven quality over 7 years on Croatia market, over 700 satisfied customers, 50 restaurants and bars - not a single engine broken
      7 years of warranty on engine

    • high quality water and heat proof bearing set from Japan for longest durability (warranty 1 year) - 30€ additional replacement set

    • 1500W 3HP with (0 - 35 000 rpm) can make raw nutella and green shakes in a no time

    • unbreakable BPA-free Tritan 2l jar

    • choose the color to best align in your kitchen - red, black, white and green

    • fast direct service and after sale support, cheap replacement parts - LIFENERGY guaranteed satisfaction


    Delivery next working day

  • LIFEENERGY Water Home Distiller - best buy

    Get rid of heavy metals, fluor, chlorine, bacteria, chemicals, viruses, hormones, pesticides, poisons and all other UNWANTED elements in EVERY DAY drinking water.

    Everything made from GLASS or SS - bundled glass jug and glass water drop collector, stainless steel nostril for filter, body case, inside jug, outside ventilator, cooler cover, pipe. Additionally cleaning powder and 2 filters for long term usage

    We offer BEST VALUE distiller with longest warranty period in full parts!

    Delivery next working day

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