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  • VegaVita VBL1000 PRO blender 2200W 3HP

    Unique commercial blender with 3L BPA free jar and 2200W 3HP commercial grade engine for perfect smoothies in home and restaurants and bars.

    5 year warranty


  • VEGAVITA VSL-240AC PRO 2016. model

    • BEST BUY slow juicer
      If you do not have special needs for juicing only green leaves then with this slow juicer you get most of slow juicing world for most affordable price ever

    • 5 year warranty on induction engine 240W
      Engine torque power can chop and slack whole carrot even!

    • wide entrance for all kind of vegetables and fruits for fastest juicing ever
      whole peeled orange and lemon, apple suggested to make it half - but speed of entering the ingredient and making a juice is best possible

    • easy cleaning and assembly
      during the day only needed to pour 0,5 liter of water after finishing the juicing while still is working. At the end of the day 5 minutes needed to clean it completely.

    • juice cap
      outside the juicing bowl there is a cap for closing the juice pipe - perfect for not having any drips on the kitchen table


    Delivery next working day

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