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lift your energy and joy
for your better health, beaty, joy and peace in life

Human diet in today world plays a major role in the physical, mental and emotional state. Raw food, fresh green juices, smoothies, dehydrated food at low temperatures, ozone treatments, distilled and alkaline water are for a start small but quite sufficient steps to a fantastic state of your mind and body. Wish you a piece of heaven on earth through enjoying this diet but also in all areas of your life.

Who we are

Elvis Čehaja CEO

Elvis Čehaja

I am really passionate in integrating mind and matter. Everything in life for me need to be align with the nature.
When this also is implemented in business model it is very easy to see that it is MORE EASIER to SHARE, GIVE and be OPEN then to take, care only for profit and be closed for others as 'competition threat' and 'there is not enough for everybody' way of thinking.

Diana Čehaja

Diana Čehaja

The design and color maestro for all LIFEENERGY projects and marketing.

She handles all communication in Europe with smile with so much support as my younger sister!

Nusret Čehaja

Nusret Čehaja

Very professional and fast handling in all the deliveries and services activities in Croatia, Europe.

It will be so easy for us if we could have more fathers like him...

Tamara Carević

Tamara Carević

Our expert as life coach consultant for all LIFEENERGY marketing, financial and products topics.

Jasminka Bacinic

Jasminka Bacinic

Our certified health coach for presentations, health educations and blog articles.

We are a group of enthusiasts who joined almost impossible - business and pleasure. The idea comes from the main leader, Elvis Čehaja, IT specialist who recognized the art of living. He applied completely new philosophy for market operations and deliver appliances at extremely favorable prices than the competition. Why? Because instead of paying expensive marketing and distribution chains, the same money comes back to your pocket ie his customers as discounts or rewards for referrals. Slowly we become recognized and accepted by more and more satisfied customers in Croatia, Europe and now in USA. Become a part of the LifeEnergy movement.

Open minded collaboration?

We are open totally for any kind of partnership, collaboration, affiliates, distribution, region sole agents... Open minded with simple perspective - on mutual interests. Just call us or drop us an email.

We wish you a happy surfing, shopping - and community spread of awareness!

Yours LifeEnergy