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  • Catler Juicer w/o Puree JE 4010 / JE 4011 1200W

    Powerful 1200W motor and quality stainless steel filter basket, with reinforced titan blades and micro netting wall with more than 40 000 tiny pores – these are the basic features which ensure maximum juice yield and preparation of the best quality and the freshness juice, prepared in a few seconds.

  • Catler Food Processor FP 8010 2000W

    Food processor Catler FP 8010, thanks to its universal usage, is not only full-blown partner in your kitchen, but also indispensable helper for professional chiefs. Unique design, combination of materials and remarkable accessories will help you to prepare the required food in a second. Julienne cutting, coarse shredding, potatoes for fries, adjustable slicing, fine chopping, coarse chipping, whisking, puree preparation, kneading, simply all what will facilitate and speed up the preparation of your favorite meal.

  • Catler Food Processor Mini FP 4010 700W

    Helper that mustn´t miss in any kitchen

    Mini food processor Catler FP 4010 will exactly reflect all your needs thanks to its accessories. Mainly accessory enables you to create the appliance you need within a second. It chops, it kneads, it whisks, it mixes, it prepares purée etc.


  • Omega VSJ843RSF vertical juicer

    Best USA brand for juicers Omega VSJ843RSF created superb vertical slow juicer with 43 rpm and some innovative parts...

    Out of stock

  • CI BS7 Premium blender 2940W

    The epitome in Power Blending

    Meet the BS7 blender. After years of experience we created our best blender yet for you. It is all in the details, from the official marked Tritan Jar to the powerful motor. Delivering the true benchmark in blending.

    4.6HP HP 2940 WATT 33000 RPM motor


    Hurry up! Only 10 left in stock!

  • Greenis power blender with brushless DC motor FGR8840

    Greenis FGR-8840 is a ground-breaking appliance featuring smart bluetooth connectivity which gives you all the versality and functionality of a top-of-the-class commercial blender.

    Featuring top-notch robustly engineered 10 year warranty 1400W industrial engine with brush-less technique delivering both power and incredibly acceptable noise level.


  • TWIN STAR Greenis Slow Juicer F-9088

    TWIN STAR Greenis Slow Juicer F-9088

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  • SLIMMY Greenis slow juicer all-in-one model F-9900

    SLIMMY Greenis ALL IN ONE slow juicer model with ONLY 30 rpm and planetary geared AV motor can squeeze all the fruits and vegetables with easy.

    Even completely green which makes is perfect model for only have ONE single juicer for all needs!

    Slim design makes it perfect for small spaces in the kitchen.

    BPA free tritan materials, low noise 40dB max and only 30rpm are powerfull technical advantages of this beauty.

    10 year warranty on engine, 2 year on other non spare parts


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