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Magic Factory spiralizator

Fantastičan MAGIC FACTORY spiralizator po odličnoj cijeni. BPA free testovi, rezervni dijelovi osigurani.

Catler Profesionalni mikser KM 8011

Planetary mixing system

Mixer head rotates around the inner bowl perimeter, meanwhile an attachment rotates in the opposite direction around its axis. This ensures a superior and thorough mixing results.

3.600,00 kn

Catler inox mlinovi za sol i papar (chilly) SM 2011

Simple button operation Ceramic grinding stones Adjustable grinding control Easy filling Transparent compartment Made from stainless steel Power supply: 6 x AAA (not included) Dimensions (w × d × h): 5,5 × 5,5 × 21,3 cm Weight: 340 g (1 pc, without batteries)
240,00 kn

Catler električni kontaktni roštilj GR 4011

Pro For preparation of different types of grilled meat, fish, vegetable, sandwich, etc. Ribbed bottom and top grilling plates Quantanium TM non-stick scratch resistant surface of grilling plates Tilt feet to lower the bottom plate to drain the excess oil into the drip tray, or to level the bottom plate Adjustable height of top plate Variable temperature setting from 180 – 220 °C Light indication of power connection and grilling plates heating Removable drip tray for oil and juice Cleaning spatula for cleaning grilling plates (included) Input power 2200 W Made from metal alloy and stainless steel Dimensions (w×d×h): 38 × 34.9 × 14.6 cm
840,00 kn

Catler Multi Chef multifunkcionalno kuhalo RC 4010

Thanks to its multipurpose usage, Multi Chef Catler RC 4010 is ideal not only for small and big kitchens, but also for cottage; or you can take it for holiday. Removable power cord will allow you to serve the prepared meal directly on the table and you can enjoy the family reunion of Sunday lunch or joyful dinner with friends
850,00 kn

Nice veggy slicer set rezalica

Nice veggy slicer odličan set za svakodnevnu praktičnu pomoć za sve kuhinjske radnje na LIFEENERGY shopu po NAJPOVOLJNIJOJ cijeni u EU

Kocke, štapići, trakice, četvrtine i osmine. Svi oblici u jednoj rezalici.

180,00 kn


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