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Greenis power blender with brushless DC motor FGR8840

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Greenis FGR-8840 is a ground-breaking appliance featuring smart bluetooth connectivity which gives you all the versality and functionality of a top-of-the-class commercial blender.

Featuring top-notch robustly engineered 10 year warranty 1400W industrial engine with brush-less technique delivering both power and incredibly acceptable noise level.


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Smart Control blender

The Smart Control Blender

We believe there is much more functions of blenders to be explored. Our recipe programs does not stop at merely 6 basic preset blending functions. Our innovation is the database of recipes from which users can select desired types that allow this blender to automatically set time and speed to save any fuss of manual controls.

Greenis app is available on Google Play and App Store.

SUS301 blades

Forging blades takes many factors into account such as tenacity as a priority and equally important its shape. We adopted SUS301 renowned for its unmatched hardness and durability. Patent-pending blades are able to handle anything from crushong soft fruits to grinding hard nuts and most worthy mentioning its stunning performance on ice crush.

The Toughest EASY-TO-CLEAN Jar

The Toughest EASY-TO-CLEAN Jar

The jar is equally crucial in delivering optimised results of food processing.

It is uniquely shaped to have been tested to destruction. The design and shape have been carefully enginerred and produced to create a best resulting VORTEX within the jar. 

Completeley BPA-free Tritan material 4mm thick, ergonomical handle and so easy to clean that you can simply run the blender with cleaning water.

Intuition Feature Loaded

FGR.8840 perfectly combines the experiences of touch panel and manual dial.

Those two experience are praised and preffered for their respective advantages.

A water and scratch resistant touch panel allows 6 preset blending functions for: 1 . Smoothies; 2. Soups/Hot drinks; 3. Ice Crush; 4. Sauce; 5. DIY; 6. Grinding;

DIY function is creatively designed to meet increasing requiremnetn of customized recipe program through which user can program a recipe at his/her will. Basically you become a CHEF programmer with this!

FGR-8840 adopts 24 precision speed setting in order to control every need for food processing.

Engine perfection in Power and Noise Level

Engine perfection in Power and Noise Level

Built in with commercial grade motor that is 3.7 peak HP with a rated power of 1400 watts.

IT creates up to 30.000 RPM constant even when there is tough blending tasks. A purpose-built speed controller added to control panel maked the whole blending process noise-free and stabilize the speed which thus prolongs life span of the motor.

Because of that we gives you full 10 years warranty on the engine.

Unique Speed Controller

The built in speed controller, a result of years R&D from Greenis lab, brings lower noise level and longer life span of the engine.

Safety as Top of Priority

Greenis feautures bulit-in magnetic sensors to prohibit any risk oof injury from high-speed rotating parts especially when lid is removed from the top of the jar and when the jar is off the motor base. Parental lock smartly prevents any unintended operation by children.


  • Bluetooth control enabled and included recipe App
  • Patent-pending all-in-one blender blades
  • Intelligent IQ blending system
  • LED illuminated touch interface
  • 6 preset blending functions
  • Manual control dial with 24 adjustable speed
  • Industrial 3.7 peak HP power motor
  • Multi speed and timer functions for 'walk away blending'
  • 1400 watts rated power 220-240V
  • Capable of 30 000 RPM blending no matter what
  • One touch 'Pulse' function with error detection
  • Included extensive recipe book (English)
  • Dimensions: 223mm*212mm*505mm
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • BPA free, Tritan 2l jar
  • Overload safety protection and magnetic multilock of lid and jar
  • 10 year warranty
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Proizvod: Greenis power blender with brushless DC motor FGR8840*

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