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Catler električni kontaktni roštilj GR 4011

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sku: GR4011

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Kratak opis

  • Pro For preparation of different types of grilled meat, fish, vegetable, sandwich, etc.

  • Ribbed bottom and top grilling plates

  • Quantanium TM non-stick scratch resistant surface of grilling plates

  • Tilt feet to lower the bottom plate to drain the excess oil into the drip tray, or to level the bottom plate

  • Adjustable height of top plate

  • Variable temperature setting from 180 – 220 °C

  • Light indication of power connection and grilling plates heating

  • Removable drip tray for oil and juice

  • Cleaning spatula for cleaning grilling plates (included)

  • Input power 2200 W

  • Made from metal alloy and stainless steel

  • Dimensions (w×d×h): 38 × 34.9 × 14.6 cm


You can grill all year.

Quantanium TM

Grilling plates are covered by Quantanium non-stick scratch resistant surface which protects food to get burned. You can clean the plates surface very easily using a paper tissue without any detergent.

Variable temperature setting

Thanks you the variable range setting from 180 – 220 °C you can prepare different types of meals. Lower temperature is suitable for sandwiches; otherwise, higher temperature is ideal for juicy steaks. Steaks are so juicy, sandwiches well baked and vegetable so crunchy.

Tilt setting of the bottom grilling plate and adjustable height of the top plate

Tilt the feet to set the tilt of the bottom grilling plate to drain the excess oil into the drip tray. When grilling delicate food, such as fish or vegetable, you will appreciate an adjustable height of the top grilling plate.

Easy cleaning

Contact grill GR 4011 is provided by a cleaning spatula which, thanks to its shaping, enables easier cleaning of the grilling plates.

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Proizvod: Catler električni kontaktni roštilj GR 4011*

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