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Catler Profesionalni mikser KM 8011

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sku: KM8011

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Kratak opis

Planetary mixing system

Mixer head rotates around the inner bowl perimeter, meanwhile an attachment rotates in the opposite direction around its axis. This ensures a superior and thorough mixing results.


Electronic control and pause function

12 speed setting are displays on the speed indicator band. Each speed setting helps to process different food quickly and effectively. Electronic regulation ensures constant motor speed regardless the food quantity.
Pause function enables to pause the mixing process for a quick check without switch off the appliance.

Set of attachments

Mixer KM 8011 is provided by 4 attachments for different types of processing. Flat beater is suitable for making cream and liquid dough, wire whisk for whipping cream, icing and dough airing, dough hook for bread dough or roll dough preparation, etc.
Special scraper beater folds ingredients and continuously scrapes down the sides and bottom of the bowl. It saves not only your time, but also energy as you do not have to pause mixing process and scrape bowl side, mixing process is then even quicker.

Motor load protection

Heat motor protection protects mixer KM 8011 from damage. Heat sensor records the motor temperature and in case of reaching a critical temperature level, it simply re-sets by turning the power off.

Basic description

  • Professional mixer for mixing, whisking and kneading
  • Planetary mixing system for proper and equal food processing
  • Electronic regulation with load sensing technology to maintain the mixing speed
  • Illuminated LED speed indicator band with easy speed check
  • LCD display with timer
  • 4.7 l stainless steel bowl for mixing with handle
  • Maximal load 600 g flour + 375 ml water
  • Rotate speed dial
  • Tilt back and lock down safety button (mixing head will not be able to tilt back or lock down unless this button is pressed)
  • Safety bowl lock
  • Electronic over-loaded fuse
  • Heat protection
  • Set of 4 attachments in common packaging
  • Cord storage in mixer body


  • Advanced speed setting on LED indicator band
  • Pause function by only turning dial
  • Count up timer
  • Count down timer


  • Flat beater
  • Wire whisk
  • Dough hook
  • Scraper beater
  • Spatula
  • Splash guard – prevents ingredients from splattering out of the bowl and enables comfortable food adding

Technical specifications

  • Power input 1000 W
  • Used materials: cast stainless steel, metal alloy
  • Dimensions (h × w × d): 35.5 x 22.3 x 37.5 cm
  • Weight: 8 kg
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Proizvod: Catler Profesionalni mikser KM 8011*

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