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Best USA brand for juicers Omega VSJ843RSF created superb vertical slow juicer with 43 rpm and some innovative parts...

Omega VSJ843RS brings new type of slow juicing technology. It operates at almost half the speed of the original “low speed” vertical juicers. This low speed, combined with the tightly-fitting new dual-edged auger, means more juice is strained from fruits and vegetables. Fiber is broken down to an even-smaller level, creating a smoother, more nutrient-dense juice. This slow and gentle squeezing process keeps healthy enzymes intact, reduces heat build-up, delays oxidation, and increases the shelf-life of the juice.

Omega VSJ843RS effectively juices fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and even wheatgrass. It consistently produces deliciously smooth juice with almost no foam. In addition, the Omega VSJ843RS makes delicious nut milks. If you like smoothies, Omega VSJ843RS easily processes frozen fruit, yogurt, milk, and even avocados. Because it has a sealable juice cap, different ingredients can be mixed together before the juice is released.

The new twin winged auger is made from highly durable GE Ultem and all the parts of the Omega VSJ843RS are BPA- free. Automatic pulp ejection allows you to juice continuously. Because it runs at such a low RPM, the VSJ843RS operates very quietly. Another benefit of the juicer is the auto-cleaning system. This system constantly wipes the juicing screen, keeping it clear of fibers and allowing it to extract more juice. When you are finished juicing, the cleaning process is much faster and simpler.


Color: silver

Juicing Process:single auger

R.P.M.43 r.p.m.

Power:150 Watt

Weight:6,8 Kg

Dimensions:236 x 240 x 398 mm

Warranty (motor / parts):6 / 3 years

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Mértékegység kg
Color Silver
Árgarancia Igen
Erő 150 W
Kiszállítás Horvátországból
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