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Greenis AC engine Slow Juicer for everybody 12yrs warranty

We started a BIG campaign - deliver quality Greenis AC induction slow juicer with to EVERYBODY with biggest discount ever!

What's about Juicing?

We believe there are at least three reasons why you should consider incorporating fresh juice, especially vegetable juice, into your daily life.


Fresh juice is fast nutrient express to health

By low quality food and lifestyle our digestion reduces our body's ability to absorb nutrients from fresh raw vegetables. Fresh juices go directly into our bloodstream which cant even get with store bought juices contain virtually no nutrients due to the pasteurization process.


Juicing lets you add a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to our diet which normally does not

If somebody eats vegetables at all it is or cooked or processed in other ways. And on top of it mainly all the time eats same vegetables. With making your own juices you can be reached to whole new set of variety vegetables which before even did not think about it. Best of all you can combine also other things and make it even more tasty like ginger, nuts, lemon, cacao etc.


Fresh juice offers incredible health benefits

After some time of consuming freshly cold pressed vegetable juices, which are highly alkalizing, you will experience higher mental clarity, improved daily energy levels, digestion, clearer skin and an overall sense of joy and peace.

What's about Slow Juicing?

Cold press juicer (also known as a masticating or slow juicer) will produce a superior quality juice and extract much more from your fruit and vegetables, saving money in the long-term while giving you tastier and healthier juices during that time.

Centrifugal versus Slow

Juices are not mixed with air hence longer it can be in the glass sustaining the form. They are much easier to produce from almost anything you can imagine.

Also important part is that those juicers are with low noise, low power consumption and very easy to clean it FAST.


What's about GREENIS?

GREENIS is a new branded trademark of quality vertical slow juicer. In a few years it has already spread to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Croatia, South Africa.

Since they made a model with quality Korean AC induction motor (12 year guarantee) as the power source and the hardest plastic - Ultem PEI for the auger and the strainer - all the tests and customers proved Greenis application on hard-cored fruits like cherries, whole carrots and green leaves.

  • Very high juice yield - dual stage juicing technology

    The juice is extracted by crushing at the first stage and again in the pressing phase before eject the pulp, which means more juice and incredibly dry pulp - average juice yield is as high as 80% from all kinds of fruits and vegetables

    Super dry pulp

  • Low speed 65RPM

    maintains more than 95% of the fruit active enzyme in your delicious juices

  • Low noise as low as 40-60DB

    there is no sounds other then fine smooth squeezing

  • Healthy food grade materials 100% BPA free

    all materials within juicers in contact with food are completely BPA free and high food grade

    Greenis parts BPA free


  • AC induction motor

    finally engine which is capable to squeeze everything without a glitch, durability with large torsion power for long work and lifespan estimated for 20 years - it is made from fine copper and almost 4kg of weight

  • Best proven materials

    PEI auger and strainer, applicable for hard-cored fruits like cherries and high fibre vegetables like celeries

  • Safe

    electromagnetic switch will never start the device if the appliance is not assembled properly

  • Easy to clean

    during the juicing process, the AUTO-CLEANING system keeps the screen clear, increasing the machines efficiency. After finish juicing imply close the juice tap, fill the bowl with water and auto cleaning spinning brush cleans the juicer bowl. Open the tap and release.

  • Unique functions

    defoaming faucet is used for juice foam elimination and non-hole strainer for making fruit ice cream and baby food
    faucet feature

  • High precision

    no shaking or leaking problem of any kind



I am really passionate in integrating mind and matter. Everything in life for me need to be align with the nature. That is why is essential to take care of the thoughts and behavior patterns, health food and lifestyles. Easiest thing for developing those is to have some sort discipline as morning walking, yoga, meditations and non-ego community activities.

At first it seems very hard to implement same qualities in business model. But at the end or at least once you realize - it is MORE EASIER to SHARE, GIVE and be OPEN then to take, care only for profit and be closed for others as 'competition threat' and 'there is not enough for everybody' way of thinking.

That is why I recognized fundraising platform as really best way to:

  • introduce the products to USA market and investigate DOES REALLY market (read YOU) desire it
  • get some additional funds for us to reduce investment risk and shipping costs which results in lower product price for YOU at the end
  • get customers (YOU) even before product launch without expensive marketing which again results in lower product price for YOU
  • get community driven sharing if found it GOOD and useful
  • and finally to GIVE MORE then everybody expect to those who recognized me, LIFEENERGY way and this community style marketing


Who is behind?

I was born in Croatia, Europe. Very beautiful country to live in as there is powerful nature, cost and islands, clean water and air, lots of forest and national parks.

I studied IT and gained Bachelor degree. That is why it was easy for me to start my own web-shop (before 7 years) in Croatia. At that time I was already in the Buddha like state of mind for years but only when this mindset went into the business started to expanded.

Currently I am operating in Croatia and whole Europe with more then 15 appliances. And for that I have help of my complete family. As I came to USA to do the same - I need you to recognize LIFEENERGY USA and make some FUN together :)


What We Need & What You Get

We are really enthusiastic about raw food and healthy diet. As in Europe we are already selling Hurom and Greenis juicers we can say that those two products are completely the same in quality, longevity, design and functionality.

Therefore we have ALREADY decided to go with the Greenis in USA market as soon as possible. But also we want YOU to be part of it and share the market with us. More perks we collect - more funds for order and more happy customer at the end.

  • only 5000$ we set for project goal since we have the funds for initial order. However all of your funds additionally goes to raise the quantity of our first order ergo reduce total cost per unit which makes all of us happy
  • all the funds raised here goes ONLY to the supplier and shipping company - not a cent goes to marketing or partnerships - YOU ARE OUR partners in that
  • take a look at our unique perks value we created for you:
      if you don't like to put too much money there is only 25$ and 50$ perks for DOUBLE of the discount value once Greenis juicers arrived still at low cost
      if you are fully relaxed about us and product itself, you KNOW and TRUST us and Greenis juicer quality (with 12 years of warranty) - perk us NOW and you can get it for really low price as 170$ or even 4 units for 600$


The Impact

Mixing your own juices, from time to time or even better few times through the day, gives you only joy and piece for your body and mind.

Whether you like fruits or vegetables, mix it or even add nuts and berries - with lemon or ginger, mint or spices - you will find it so tasty and colorful in your daily life.

More and more people start to feed with only vegetables without cooking it - more impact we all have on our environment. Without weird process of growing the vegetables for feeding the animals (spending tons of water and tons of pesticides) only for a reason to kill them at the end and eat. All the proteins and other things animals producing (with support of additional modern intoxication) humans can do the same from healthy, organic vegetables - like animals in nature.

So why not to change our habits and change the world. Lets do it together here...


Other Ways You Can Help

No matter you are interested in Greenis juicer or not - you can always be a part of LIFEENERGY.

  • tell the friends for this perks - somebody will like it for sure
  • register on our webshop for more news and special things yet to come
  • like us on Facebook and share your insights
  • check our other opportunities (to be done soon)
  • PLAY the lucky draw and WIN the 1500W power blender



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