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LifeEnergy Water Home Distiller - best buy, stainless steel body case, all glass


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Quick Overview

Pure water distiller - high quality affordable to everyone - check our model comparison
When you start to drink distilled water you'll never want to drink different

Get rid of heavy metals, flour, chlorine, bacteria, chemicals, viruses, hormones, pesticides, poisons and all other UNWANTED elements in EVERY DAY drinking water.

Everything made from GLASS or SS - bundled glass jug and glass water drop collector, stainless steel nostril for filter, body case, inside jug, outside ventilator, cooler cover, pipe. Additionally cleaning powder and 6 filters for long term usage.
since we really think of your health and your money

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There is no better water than pure distilled water. It is not about being 'dead' water or bad water, it is more about not drinking poisoned cocktails of heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, hormones, pesticides, chemicals from industry, bacteria, viruses and other human produces ingredients which cannot be avoided almost anywhere.

Drinking distilled water detox your body but also empower your green smoothies and juices. Great product for anyone who looks after his health!

LIFEENERGY distiller is fully completely made from very high quality SS 304 material and glass without lead.
Where ever water comes in contact with distiller it is SS or glass material (inside pot, cooler, collector, jar).

And most important - it is far away best quality on USA market, best design for home users - but still, GUARANTEED PRICE - if you find better price, give us a call and we refund the difference but also put you for big discount onto our list for next purchase.

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  • Glass container jug 136 oz capacity
    no plastic, water is kept in the glass container in the fridge or on the kitchen table
  • External nostrils stainless steel
    hot water has no contact with the plastic when going through the nostril and the filter from the distiller SS nostril filter SS nostril
  • Collector water drops stainless steel
    hot water has no contact with the plastic even when dropping into a glass jar
  • Inside boiler pot from high quality stainless steel
    and 10 years warranty it will not rust. After each distillation cycle it is good to wait half an hour and clean pot inside with plain cloth, If you waited too much and there is some hard layer of scale please use very little citric acid from package with hot water and clean.
  • Cooler pipes from aluminum but covered with stainless steel
    complete part that comes into contact with water and vapor is made of stainless steel so there is no any harmful release of chemicals into the vapor Fan
  • Designed heating element for longer life and overheating protection
    you can just plug in and go away or to sleep while distiller is making you a perfect water
  • Easy distillation of sea water, rain water into drinking water
    you just need to find some water to distill and you are ok to go
  • Remove lead, arsenic, nitrates, sodium, chromium, chlorine, fluorine, chemicals, pesticides, hormones, poisons
    All elements unhealthy for humans which exists in nature OR which are mostly produced by same humans (cant avoided even if you live in mountains as some pesticides and chemicals will not disappear from water on Earth next 1000 years).
  • Turn off automatically after each cycle (on 320 F)
    after 4 hours (or less if you have already put preheated water) distiller purify all 136 oz of water and after cooling for half an hour and cleaning it is ready for a new cycle
  • Portable and ideal for home, boat, travel, camping
    carry it with you wherever there is electricity and water to distill
  • Heater element 750W
    power consumption per cycle is 4 kW


Distiller comes with a total of 6 water filters FREE.

Filters are made from carbon coconut shell. Total 6 filters in the package are enough for at least 12 months distillation of every day. Filters in our distiller are stored in a stainless steel so they last MUCH LONGER than when in plastic. Filters in the plastic nostrils faster develops odors and bacteria.

In the package

Glass jug, bracket for jug, rubber for jug, glass cap for jug, SS nostril for filters, SS water collector for jug, SS black body case, SS inside pot, SS cover for cooler, aluminium cooler, vent, ss fan blades, acid clean powder, 6 filters


Warranty on all parts of the device 1 years. Stainless steel so good quality then warranty that it will not rust is 10 years.

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Awesome Review by Roger
The stuff that is left over in the tank is gross. (Posted on 7/27/2014)

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Weight measure lbs
Color Black
Manufacturer Topower Group Ltd, China
Dimensions 9.65 * 11.2 * 20 inches
Price garantee Yes
Wattage 750 W
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Q: Can i use this distiller to make essential oils?
A: Distiller is made for home usage mainly for distilling the water. However you can use it additionally for distilling the essential oils from the herbs and flowers but with some restrictions and modifications in mind. First heated water will turn to vapor and bring the oil from herbs with it through the coil, cool down and drop out from the filter nozzle. For split the oil from condensed water like every oil distiller you need to do 2 things: first is easy - remove the carbon filter from the nozzle. But second is harder - need to find additional piece which will be used for splitting oil from water. This is the piece we are currently do not have but for sure we will try to find it and sell it with distiller. That piece is made like a water collector with special tube for leaking extra water out of it remaining down only more heavy oil in it...