Traveling from Europe to US on a floating forest

When Colombo started his trip journey I think he could never imagine something like this.

Not that he will land on completely new land, not yet known for 'modern civilization', but also that after 500 years later some Croatian guy named Elvis will come to the same promise land on floating forest.

This guy started as big visionary. He wanted to bring to US quite a lot of new, fresh, organic vegetables and fruits. But as he did not had money to use modern transportation over the sea but also he did not wanted to spoil the food while transport, he need some twist in his thinking.

Laying one day on the beach, enjoying on the sun burning his eyebrows, suddenly the thought came. The ship which will have real living forest on it. What? He asked... Yes, it follows, forest to preserve the ground from sun and wind, to keep it moist and ready for culture the vegetables on the ground. In the same time, same forest to provide best fruits on the planet but also a shelter for the passengers.

Hmm.. Elvis was first laughing inside how silly idea but very soon he let go away all the rules and tides in his mind and started to creatively imagine.

As you know, once you let go your mind to be fully free, it creates wonderful things. That exactly happened to Elvis that day, some 1 minutes after the first thought.

Check one of the image from his mind at that moment.

Since he lived whole life in beautiful Croatia in forest and trees... this was not surprise :)

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