LOHAS blender series - powerful engine and quality blade set

If any appliance is enjoying a second life in the 21st century, it's the usage of a blender. Walk past any smoothie bar in Europe, USA and Australia and you'll hear them whirring, three or four at a time, while people of all ages wait for a healthy drink they could easily make at home.

These people, of course, aren't likely to have a commercial blender waiting to be unleashed in their kitchen.

Smoothies may be all the rage - your local bookstore has plenty of smoothie cookbooks - but there's plenty more good stuff waiting to be poured from this LOHAS series blender's with two- liter container. Fruity cocktails like coladas, daiquiris and margaritas. Baby food made from only the best organic ingredients. Any variety of juices: orange, pineapple, carrot, tomato. Decadent milk shakes. And don't forget dry blendables like coffee beans, nuts and grains.
Unlike old-fashioned blenders, this commercial blender features an industrial-grade motor, a range of speed settings including a pulse switch for extra power, and a quality stainless steel, multi-angle blade sets from Japan. It's built to be used every day on a kitchen or dining table decorating the room with shiny design and remarkable figure.



It's no exaggeration: Toss just about any fruit or vegetable in your commercial grade blender and in minutes you'll be drinking a remarkably healthy and tasty concoction.



Industrial-strength motor and a stainless steel, multi-angle blade combine to provide a powerful tool you and your family can rely on, day in and day out.



Considering the cost of takeaway smoothies, your new blender will quickly pay for itself.

Why LOHAS blender?

We are just starting with this blenders in the US. Till we create strong community and reviews please check our remarkable reviews on Croatian review page after 1,5 year of selling it (using Google translate)

LOHAS blenders was accepted by the customers so fast because of its really pretty performance and style.

  • Beauty designed blender
    What ever blend best in your kitchen, you choose (body case as black, white or red color). Body cases are stylish and silk. Blender will shine on your kitchen or dinning table.
    Stylish box design and blender
  • powerful industrial engine 1500W
    heavy industrial motor designed for long life while crushing all ingredients in a few seconds, even ice, nuts and dry
    Hard blade setPart improved
  • blades made of stainless steel, high quality bearing imported from Japan for real durability
    As we import these blenders in Croatia already for 2 years we can say this - NOT ONE blade set did not replaced to any of our customer. This is most important part aside engine for quality blender because you don't want leaking issues through blades which then need to be replaced
    Japan blade set single Japan blade set
  • variable speed control
    Manual control for longer durability of the control panel. Easy to adjust, no unnecessary electronic parts.
  • clean plastic container BPA free 68 oz capacity
    tested jar (check the attachment sheet) for BPA elements - enough volume for fresh smoothies for the whole family or party crowd
    2 liter BPA free jar2 liter BPA free jar
  • Standard 3 or extended 10 years of warranty on motor
    This amazing industrial engine is designed to last and last...
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