Reservations, pre-orders and pre-launch LIFEENERGY way

LifeEnergy expands to US market using same strategy from Europe. To deliver high quality of products with lowest prices possible.

Our revolutionary social community driven business model was so successful in Croatia, Europe that we start the same here in US. Together with you!

Basically we are offering YOU a chance to participate in quite a few areas of LifeEnergy market share. Instead of paying marketing and distributor chain fees (which at the end YOU are paying) we offer to you as our customers a great chance to be part of our WIN-WIN model. Model where you do not have ANY risk but as you are LOYAL to us, recognizing what we are doing, supporting us in your community you get benefits as BIG DISCOUNTS and/or BONUS for recommendations.

Check it now and BE PART OF LIFEENERGY.


There are some products which we already ordered for US market since we know that you will accept them easily, because of their good quality, service and support but also most important because of very low market price. Those products we have already sold in Europe a lot with remarkable reviews. Whenever we have it on the road to here you can RESERVE your copy for a discounted price by:

  • Subscribing to our newsletter (reservations) and wait us to announce PRE-LAUNCH prices, 2 or 3 weeks before we start to delivering it to you. Prices will for sure be at least with 10% til 20% discounts.
  • Order the product at the time we are giving reservation price by clicking on RESERVE button (earlier you reserve the product the discount is greater for you, starting with 50% to 25%) and then simply pay via PayPal or Amazon (so you can have a backup for retrieving the money back if you decide later not to wait no more). Once we got the products - we let you know and ship to your address for FREE.


There are some products which we already tested and selling in Europe, but we need some time to bring them all here also. So we need you to tell us what you want first. For those products we made selling page with all information's there, but instead of BUY NOW or RESERVE button it shows you only ADD TO WISHLIST button. It means that you can just add it to your wishlist (for doing that need to be registered and logged in) and once we decide to start with those product we will send you invitation for RESERVATION prices very early with biggest discounts.

NOTE: if there is some products you want us to include in our offer for future please drop us an email with the link


Some products we have on PRE-ORDER terms which means that we do not have them on our stock but usually we can have it very fast and deliver it to you once you order it.  Order the product you want and that is it.


For all questions of every option and terms you can always call us, drop an email or ask here - as we are constantly online very eager to have long term relations with you as our customer but also as our partner.

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