Raw Food Apliances

Best home appliances for juicing, blending, distillation, cleaning water and home, food dehydration, alkalizing, cooking...
  1. LIFEENERGY super blender


    Shipping next working day after payment

    BEST BUY blender for all raw food specialist Learn More
  2. 20% off

    Vegavita PRO wide slow juicer

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    Regular Price: $260

    Special Price $208

    You save: $52 (20%)

    Less then 10 available

    Ideal for juice bars and home users who enjoy higher amounts of juices! Learn More
  3. Fidibus XL Plus mill


    Delivery time 10 days

    Lighter then Fidibus XL but with integrated cooling system which convert this powerful mill to a non-stop working machine Learn More
  4. 20% off

    GREENIS smart power blender

    Regular Price: $750

    Special Price $600

    You save: $150 (20%)

    Hurry up! Only 4 left in stock!

    Greenis FGR-8840 is a ground-breaking appliance featuring smart bluetooth connectivity which gives you all the versality and functionality of a top-of-the-class commercial blender. Learn More
  5. GREENIS brushless blender automat


    Hurry up! Only 4 left in stock!

    Vrhunski profesionalan blender koji se može pohvaliti ljepotom izvana i iznutra. Learn More
  6. FidiFloc Medium


    Delivery time 10 days

    Power of the Fidibus Medium mill and FlicFloc flaker combined Learn More
  7. KoMoMix+ blender


    Delivery time 10 days

    Beautiful wooden 1400W power blender made in Austria Learn More
  8. 51% off
    Hydronik Plus

    Hydronik Plus

    Regular Price: $495

    Special Price $245

    You save: $250 (51%)

    Less then 10 available

    HYDRONIK PLUS is a generator of water enriched with hydrogen for home and offices. Learn More
  9. Wellra twin-gear juicer


    Less then 10 available

    Green juices extracted from the Wellra Twin Gear Slow Juicer can nourish, replenish, heal and energize the body. Learn More
  10. 10% off
    Yoda affordable

    Yoda affordable

    Regular Price: $330

    Special Price $297

    You save: $33 (10%)

    Delivery time 10 days

    Great Japanese Yoda home oil cold press machine Learn More
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