LIFEENERGY brand of healthier life started its business 10 years ago in Croatia in a special way of connecting with customers. We want greatly to amplify and expand this way of doing it around the world. We want to be to be recognizable by that lifeenergy way and even be a NUMBER1!

We need you for that!

It has been shown that some of the trends and products in the US or Australian market are not at the same level as European market. It is therefore not enough to 'copy' the trends but to adapt it to own conditions per continent or country or even an specific area. We have always listened wishes and needs of our customers and now that has become a MUST HAVE.

We would like to know what you and LIFEENERGY could do together as existing or our future clients. We have a great vision and lots of ideas for the next 5 years and we would like to start an open communication about everything. We know a lot of quality people with different approaches to health, sport, nutrition, spirituality and they all for us has the meaning of the ONE concept and we consider that we can TOGETHER contribute for each and everyone better.

So let's go with our suggestions 🙂

  • Do you want any product that is not on your market? Let us know ... we are procuring professionals 🙂
  • Do you want a product that already exists in your market but you would rather had it cheaper? Just write, we will do everything we can to find a solution!
  • Want to convert the LIFEENERGY page, facebook, instagram or any other form of media and communication into something new? Need more recipes, do you need more videos, presentations, articles? Come join us and share your expertise with us.
  • Whatever idea drops on your mind or even better whatever you think that YOU can contribute to the project, please let us know!
  • You have a project that you think LIFEENERGY can help you with, whether we do a donation or some win-win cooperation - we really do not know for the 'impossible' word. It is imperative to meet, talk and who knows what can be done from our two creative worlds joined.

Maybe some forums, ideas for voting, interaction on the ground - everything is possible and in plan already.

For now, just use our email address.

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