If you are in love with healthy food, air and water with  appliances supporting that lifestyle and you are not afraid to step in the real business - you are at the right place.

Hello influencers, promotors, retailers, distributors! When Google started with his business model very few people recognized that as a revolutionary concept. Similarly we are spreading all over the world so be part of it. LIFEENERGY respects and appreciates every engagement, effort and contribution to the brand.

We have a several business models where we offer terms for sure beyond your expectations. We mostly want one exclusive distributor for each US state so this is the right time to start business with us.

Do not hesitate to email, contact us on Facebook, WhatsApp... Just start with a Hi and we will for sure find a best model for both parties. We are simply good in that.

CLASSIC DISTRIBUTORS - long term exclusive partnership

  • Want to distribute our product?
    Low MOQ, low prices, our EU stock, our business experience and promotional materials at your service completely.You will simply be delighted.
  • Want us to do OEM service for you?
    No problem... We have great and cheap designers (around 350 USD for complete OEM), low MOQ, 10 years experience in negotiating with various providers and we also have our own facility for printing logo, manuals, color boxes if needed smaller quantities.
  • Want to find a product for you?
    Our partners network covers almost all channels, HORECA, dental, beauty, promotional products - we can find for you anything you need. Just let us know!

Our successful classic distributors (and we must say a good partners even outside business):


EXCLUSIVE for MF brand, lifeenergy blender
Extractors, Manual juicers

REGIONAL DISTRIBUTORS - franchise for being importer

We create a LIFEENERGY brand all over the world. Now is a great opportunity to become our partner with a vision!
We are looking for long-term exclusive distributors in all EU countries and outside. We are looking for entrepreneurs who will represent LIFEENERGY in the respective country or region and become an importer and distributor. Low investments and without any risk terms for entering to the already established system and brand. It is necessary, of course, to have some form of company in your country and to show initiative and will, everything else LIFEENERGY supports:

  • our complete webshop system in your language and administration - you do not need to invest anything in the system. Your data, logo, company, invoices, delivery, returns and everything else is needed to implement immediately with your full control over it
  • a large range of products and already established brand over our long-term partnership with proven factories that results in the best prices and products quality
  • our social model of promotion and collaboration with customers, video materials, Facebook, promotions, affiliate systems, store models, lifetime promotional commissions and everything or whatever you want to implement in an online system
  • low inventory requirements and initial investment for each product (only 1 item per product which you want to sell if you decide)

You are expected to:

  • systematically and actively promote webshop, products and make sales, organizing content of webshop and campaigns on Facebook and other social networks
  • lead the administration of your company, legal relationships in your country, organization of delivery services and payment systems
  • keep the necessary supplies of goods and spare parts and with us organize a product service (in the beginning we are working within our repair centre but later when turnover goes up to reduce costs of shipping you are handling it with our supply)

Successful examples: LIFEENERGY Slovenia , LIFEENERGY USA


(will be activated once we start exclusive distributors within US)

Get free to join our affiliate program and get instant access to your traffic, commission, recommendation and click tracking system as well as graphic elements for your active promotions. Direct links, banners, email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter applications and even the widgets which you can easily create and upload to your site or social network for the products you want to promote.
LIFETIME FEES - passive income
The uniqueness of our programs gives you the FANTASTIC opportunity to earn with us. Every visitor through your link who buys something with us within 180 days becomes YOUR buyer for life in portfolio. That means that you get commission for all subsequent orders. Therefore, it is worth to be active in growing your portoflio with us and build a customer base in each Country you want. In every market you get a special affiliate account and tracking system.



In addition to affiliate programs, if you are enthusiastic as we are, become our dealer on the field. Presentations, fairs, family, friends, home workshops - by all means you can promote and sell our well ranged products. With all the benefits of additional promotion on the Internet, you have a much higher commission, an additional bonus on your turnover and OUR active promotion of you as our sales rep for your area.
LIFETIME FEES - passive income
As our Sales Representative you get a special account on LIFEENERGY with which you can personally sign customers and create orders in front of them (credibility). Once you sign the customers in LIFEENERGY, you are awarded for ALL they orders regardless of when and what they buy. If you can see that vision to have an active portfolio and customer database and get passive income - just let us know.


LOCAL STORES - retailers with affiliate

Become our long-term partner as a local store(s). We actively promote you as our partner and we are directing our customers in that area to you. You only need to have a small stock of products you want to sell. Bonuses for traffic and active engagement with us in all campaigns are just one of the signs of our openness and intent. As a retailer, you can also participate in online sales using our affiliate program described above.

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