Juicing speeds up the detoxification process

Juicing speeds up the detoxification process, removing toxins and hardened deposits in the body and best of all it is fun, easy and tasty.

The juice of organic vegetables and fruits will not only speed up the process of detoxification, it will flood your body with enzymes, vitamins and minerals for quick absorption....and greatly benefit the immune system.

The juice of organic vegetables and fruits is rich in nutrients. As the cells of your body are bathed in these fresh, alkaline vegetable juices, they begin to release acids, which are toxins that can then be removed through the elimination channels of the body i.e. the lungs, kidneys, skin etc.

Juicing provides a rich source of live enzymes essential to the digestive process. Enzymes are proteins that break down foods into nutrients your body can readily digest. When you eat, digestive enzymes are released from your saliva glands sending signals to the stomach and small intestine in preparation for digestion.

Adults have usually used up all of their digestive enzymes by the time they are 30 and often earlier due to the SADD diet "Standard American Daily Diet". Often people will take digestive enzymes when they eat for this very reason, to get aid in digesting.

It is vital to detoxify the body so our cells can absorb nutrients from the food we eat. When the body has an over accumulation of toxins and nutrients are taken in whether from foods or supplements, the nutrients will not be able to be absorbed very well. For example, if a sponge is full of dirty water (as the cells are full of toxins), adding additional water to the sponge will have little impact, even if the water is clean.

The truth is that nutritional deficiencies and toxicity go hand in hand. If you treat deficiencies without addressing toxicity you make little headway and likewise, if you treat toxicity without addressing deficiencies then no long-term benefit will apply.

To conclude, juicing will assist to break down toxins, cleanse the body, carry oxygen and nutrients directly to the cells and tissues and allow nutrients to be better absorbed.

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