Why Distilled Water?

Water in the human body acts as a solvent, carrying nutrients to every living cell and transporting waste material out of the cells for removal.

Efficient absorption of nutrients and efficient elimination of wastes through the kidneys and liver is only possible when water, the transport medium, is clean. Distilled water removes poisonous substances and inorganic mineral matter from the human body. This process will be impeded if the water you drink is already contaminated.

Distilled water reacts with the extremely acid stomach contents without activating any buffering systems or affecting the body pH. Distilled water does not travel through the body 'wreaking acid havoc' as some would have you believe. In fact, according to Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, author of Alkalize or Die, only distilled water produces a completely negative ion reaction in the system.

Negative ions are alkaline-forming. These negative charged ions draw the positively charged acid waste products, flushing them into the elimination channels of the body for excretion. So even though distilled water tests slightly acidic because of its negative charge, a more alkaline internal systemic environment is created in the body when distilled water is consumed.

The dangers of water with a high mineral content are being totally ignored. Most people don’t realize that the minerals found in mineralized water are inorganic and in salt (electrolytic) form, not the organic carbonbased form that your body needs. To understand the harmful effect of mineral is to understand cytology, or the cells structure and function. The elements of the mineral kingdom cannot be assimilated directly by the animal cell. They must go through a process of linking with amino acids first. Found in the plant kingdom is the link for getting mineral into human life the most efficiently.

Drinking water containing a large amount of inorganic mineral, whether hard or soft, can be compared to doing our dishes in dirty water. If the water comes in already loaded up, it will not be able to take the debris and waste out of the system without first leaving behind what it brought in. These inorganic minerals are deposited in the body, increasing mineral and heavy metal deposits that develop weakened tissue and/or areas of poor circulation and chronic inflammation.

The use of distilled water is preferred, not because of the lack of mineral so much as, because of the higher energy. Distilled water moves through the system and especially the liver better than low energy water. Your body is 60-80% water; water is the chief catalyst and medium for all the energy reactions that take place.
There are a number of waters available for purchase. Of these only one assures that the body’s metabolic environment is at its best hydration, and that is distilled.

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