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UV Magic Lamp

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New innovative UV-C lamp fully protected with inner-cavity titanium dioxide coating and equipped with silent vent for all day disinfection of any space you want!
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disinfection and sterilization up to 20 m²

portable and without wires

safe and silent for all day working mode

UV magic lamp


UV-C ultraviolet rays destroy and change the DNA structure of microorganisms. Our UV MAGIC LAMP uses specially customized high-power ultrashort-wave UV transmitter, combined with swirling air inhalation and purified air output. UV lamp transmit 253.7 nm ultraviolet rays which can make bacteria and virus instantly dead and unable to reproduce.

TECH TIP: Quantitative high-purity mercury added to the vacuum quartz tube plugged on voltage difference between the two electrodes generate high transmittance of 80% - 90% of ultraviolet radiation.

MEDICAL USAGE: UV-C sterilization technology has been used in the world for more than 100 years for killing up to 99,9% of the bacteria and viruses on the surface of objects, in air and in water. Many hospitals uses UV-C lamps to disinfect rooms, medical tools, water tanks and so on.


UV MAGIC LAMP adopts full protection design and completely sealed UV protection with the inner-cavity titanium dioxide coating. There is not a single trace of radiation leakage outside the protection cover. That is why UV MAGIC LAMP can be used anywhere even when people are in the room.


Effective but still small and portable! Without any wire just plug the unit into the socket in the room where you want it and move it to another one when you want it. That is why we call it MAGIC.


UV MAGIC LAMP uses silent and strong vent for a constant air flow and sterilization. You do not be afraid of any bacteria and viruses even while you are sleeping.


UV MAGIC LAMP proven kill bacteria and viruses more then 90% in 1 hour in the 3 m² room. For larger room eg 10 m² it needs minimum 2 hours.


Additional Information

Country of manufacture China
Shipping from Croatia
Color Silver
Warranty 3 years
Business guarantee 3 years
Technical data

UV MAGIC LAMP tests bacteria and viruses UV MAGIC LAMP tests bacteria and viruses

  • Rated power: 4,5 W
  • UV-C lamp wavelength: 253.7 nm
  • UV-C lamp lifetime: 6 - 8 months of daily uses
  • Product weight: 240 g
  • Product dimenstions: 186 * 82 * 65 mm
  • Package weight: 400 g
  • Package dimensions: 130 * 85 * 220 mm

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